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Official 2013 Etisalat Data Plan And Bundles

The latest 2013 Etisalat Data Plan And Bundles has been released by the Etisalat Nigeria Network and you can view the tariffs and plans of the internet bundles below.

There are about 12 Etisalat easyblaze plans that are now available for those that are on the Etisalat Network.

You can opt-in or subscribe to any of the etisalat data plan that suits your need. But if you are not sure of the plan to use then read this article to the very last letter. I will give you a clue on how to know the one that best suits your need among the etisalat internet plan. Please note that most of the things I will be putting on here are from Experience. Experience, they say , is the best teacher. Learn from it.

THE DATA PLAN. It means that you should put the SIM that comes with your modem into a phone and send the "Etisalat Data Plan Code" to 229. Because once you plug your etisalat modem into your computer, and you are new or not on any plan, you will be on the 'Pay As You Go' plan automatically. Read more below.

1. Pay As You Go:
         This is the least among the Etisalat Data Plan. It is not advisable if you seek my advice on this plan. Because you will be charged according to the the bytes that you system sends and receive  By the time you calculate the amount spend on this plan, you will realise that you have spend a whole lot of money. Don't use it to download or watch video. Use it only for emails, Facebook and other little applications. Nothing more. THIS PLAN BEST SUITS YOU IF YOU ARE BROWSING FOR NOTHING GREATER THAN 10 MINS.

Best for little time surfers.

To subscribe for the plan, it has no code. It is automatically charged on your credit on your Etisalat Sim Modem.

Charges:  5 kobo/per kilobytes (KB)

2. Daily 10MB:
        This is the yet among the least plans of the Etisalat Data Plans. You will be charged for only N100 (Hundred Naira) per day and you will have an Etisalat Data Plan of 10 MB.

To use this plan, send the word "MI1" to 229. You will recieve a message stating that you are now on the Daily 10MB plan. This is also good for everyday or regular little time surfers.

The USSD code for this plan is *229*3*1# . If you don't exceed the 10MB for the day, it will expire.

3. Weekly 50MB:
            Just as it is named, it is a weekly plan that allows you to browse the internet for just N500 (Five Hundred Naira) and you will have only 50MB to use. This may not be okay for those that want to watch youtube videos and other streaming services. You have to send the word "MI2" to 229.

The USSD code for the Etisalat Weekly 50MB plan is  *229*3*4# .

4.  200MB:
          This is a perfect Etisalat Data Plan that is good for you if you want to watch videos and live streaming events from your churches or other occassions that are in far places. This is also good for those that want to download stuffs online that are not much. It goes for only N1, 000. (One Thousand Naira). Send the word "MB2" to  229. And you will be on the etisalat 200MB plan in a jiffy.

The USSD code for the Etisalat Weekly 50MB plan is  *229*2*1# .

5. 500MB:
           This is an average browsing data plan for any medium or long-time surfers if you ask me for advice. The USSD code is *229*2*2# . And if you want to use the text message way of subscribing, then send the word "MB3" to 229 and you will be on the 500MB data plan. It goes for N 2,000. (Two Thousand Naira Only).

6. 1.5GB:
         Now, we are talking about the gigabytes. It is the first of its kind on the gigabytes stuffs. No more megabytes! On this plan, you can browse the internet at anytime of the day for just  N4, 000 (Four Thousand Naira). The USSD code is  *229*2*4# . Send the word "MB4" to  229 to subscribe.

7.  Night & Weekend:
        Just as it name goes, it is the only Etisalat Data Plan that you can use to browse at Night as from 9:00pm to 7 :00 am during the weekdays. But comes on Fridays  you will start to browse from 9:00pm to 7:00am on Mondays without any interruption of service. That means you can browse on weekends 24 hours but on weekdays, you can only browse at night. This plan suits those that are workers and students that doon't have time for browsing during the daytime.

This plan goes for only N4,000 (Four Thousand Naira only). The code to text is *229*3*3# but if you want to USSD Code then it is "MB7".

8. 3GB:
       This is also among the gigabytes plans on the etisalat Data plan bundles. You will have 3GB on your plan and it is valid for a month. You have the chance to browse the internet for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

On this plan, your pocket must be loaded with cash. It goes for nothing less than N6, 500 (Six Thousand, Five Hundred Naira Only).

Send a text with the word  "MB5"  to  229.
For the USSD code, it is *229*2*3#

9. 6GB:
       This Etisalat data plan is for very long time internet surfers and downloading geeks out there. You can watch videos, live streaming activities and occasions  Do all sorts on this plan. It is just one of the best plan if you ask me. It is good for everyone. The charge for the 6GB etisalat data plan goes for N8, 000 (Eight Thousand Naira Only). You can subscribe for the plan right away by dialing the code *229*2*5# on your USSD Code page.

For the SMS, send the word "MB6"  to 229 . That's all.

10.  10GB:
       Everthing about the 10GB etisalat plan is just 10. It is the number 10 on our serial numbers of the plans and also has only 10GB data plan. ONLY JOKING!!! Well, it goes for N10,000 (Ten Thousand Naira Only). To subscribe for this plan, just send the word  "SM1" to  229.

It allotted USSD Code is *229*4*1#

11.   15GB:
       Another Etisalat Data plan for the big and heavy down-loaders and surfers of big and gigantic websites is the 15GB. It is good for the Bankers, accountants and other big 'techno' guys and ladies out there  For 15,000 (Fifteen Thousand Naira), you can opt-in for this plan and get your things up and running on the internet. The USSD Code for this 15 MB plan is *229*4*2# .

You can also send text message "SM2" to  229.

12.  20GB:
        It is just for N18,000 (Eighteen Thousand Naira) only.  The USSD Code for the 20GB etisalat plan is *229*4*3# . Just as we recommended that you use the ext message way of subscribing for the plan, text the word "SM3" to  229.

To Check your data plan balance anytime, anyday – just dial *228# .

PLEASE NOTE THAT EVERY OF THE PLAN HAS AN EXPIRY LIMIT. THAT MEANS THEY WILL EXPIRE ONCE THE EXPIRY DATE IS DUE. PLEASE CALL  Etisalat Customer Care Centre on 200 and ask for the validity of each of the plans.

Still confuse on the plan to choose? Then use the ETISALAT DATA PLAN CALCULATOR on the Easyblaze portal on

Etisalat Data Plan ...Now You Are Talking


  1. Please, does the night and weekend plan has a data cap or not.

  2. This is surely the best network in Nigeria. Do they still have free cheat for modem data plan?

    1. They do but I don't write about them. I prefer getting what I pay for. Everything of value always comes with a price tag.

  3. Good News Fellows!!!

    The new MTN Banging cheat is out and blazing. Its fast and unlimited along side with the ETISALAT free 16gb cheat code and free #20,000 naira credit cheat code. Call 07063707942 to get the new cheat. Enjoy.........

  4. Thanks for the new unlimited MTN, its working fast.

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